Who is X L ²?


We are Dennis and Teri Mann, a husband and wife team aiming to bring you the best experience when you purchase our services.  Working with you from start to finish, be it a small DJ only party, to your wedding day with all of the pizzazz, we strive to bring you the best quality service possible.


I, Dennis "Big D" Mann, am your DJ and MC.  Teri Mann, my wife of 13 years, operates and runs everything having to do with our photobooth.  As your DJ, I am a perfectionist for making sure the quality of sound is outstandingly balanced along with making sure the music blends and flows from song to song, genre to genre.  With Teri as your photobooth operator, she is dedicated to making sure the photobooth is the center of the fun for the evening!

We are very personable and want to show you that we are real people you are working with, not some cold company with random DJs being sent your way!

Teri has a daughter, 30 years old, who is married to a wonderful husband.  I have a son who is 20 years old that is a welder in Chicago Local 597 Pipefitters Union (who Teri adopted as her own). I also have a daughter who 19 years old that is married to a great, respectable young man!  Although Teri and I have no children together, we have the perfect blended family! 

We enjoy all kinds of activities and take the time to make memories that last.

I absolutely love live music.  Going to concerts and sharing the energy of the crowd plays into being a DJ.  I enjoy all kinds of music and am educated on a majority of the artists and genres out there.  I have been to over 200 concerts that range from heavy metal and hard rock to traditional folk, hip hop and rap to country, from punk rock and thrash to electronica dance music; and I've enjoyed these bands from small hole in the wall venues to huge 50,000+ sold out festivals!  Teri prefers smaller venue concerts and enjoys mostly 90's alternative and mainstream rock bands.

We would enjoy being a part of your big day and look forward to working with you and your soon to be spouse!

All our best,

Dennis and Teri